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The winner takes it all


Bodystreet CEO Matthias H. Lehner on the relevancy of the EMS boutique fitness market

The compass was invented in the first millennium A.D. - but it was not until centuries later that Columbus discovered America. Around 1500 Gutenberg invented letterpress printing - but it still took 100 years for the first newspaper to appear. Once again, there were still 8 years between the first space flight of a human being (1961) and the moon landing (1969).

Gradually, distance between invention and consequent use of technology has decreased—invented today, worldwide rolled out tomorrow. To gain a better understanding of this, look at clearly dominating players such as; Amazon, Facebook, or Google. 

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) follows the same rules. In the early 2000’s a state-of-the-art technology, it has now become a mega fitness trend in Central Europe. Where EMS boutique fitness is booming, a single brand usually dominates the market. And those who come too late are punished by history (as we know, even the author of this quote - Mikhail Gorbachev - was overran by it). 

In many countries, EMS is still a young market. However, tomorrow everything can change. Frankly, there are extremely dynamic signs of development. For example, investing in an EMS studio requires much less equity capital (20,000 dollars) than others in the fitness sector. Anyone who wants to profit from this must act in good time and secure their market through determination. The best cards are held by those with the strong Bodystreet brand and organization behind them. Why? Because as a master franchisee of the world market leader, you can win your own franchisees on site much more quickly and achieve a high company value much more quickly. If experience to date has taught us anything, it's this: There's nothing to gain from waiting on an amazing opportunity to establish EMS boutique fitness with Bodystreet.